Second Helvetic Confession -

the second helvetic confession - chapter iii of god his unity and trinity god is one we believe and teach that god is one in essence or nature subsisting in himself all sufficient in himself invisible incorporeal immense eternal creator of all things both visible and invisible the greatest good living quickening and preserving all things omnipotent and supremely wise kind and merciful just and true, 1689 baptist confession of faith wikipedia - the 1689 baptist confession of faith also called the second london baptist confession was written by particular baptists who held to a calvinistic soteriology in england to give a formal expression of their christian faith from a baptist perspective this confession like the westminster confession of faith 1646 and the savoy declaration 1658 was written by puritans who were concerned, historic church documents at reformed org - catechisms catechism for young children this document contains the catechism for young children a catechism used in many denominations as an introduction to the shorter catechism the children s catechism this document contains a simplified catechism useful for introducing your child to the reformed faith, westminster confession of faith wikipedia - the westminster confession of faith is a reformed confession of faith drawn up by the 1646 westminster assembly as part of the westminster standards to be a confession of the church of england it became and remains the subordinate standard of doctrine in the church of scotland and has been influential within presbyterian churches worldwide in 1643 the english parliament called upon, reformation history summary reformers britannica com - reformation also called protestant reformation the religious revolution that took place in the western church in the 16th century its greatest leaders undoubtedly were martin luther and john calvin having far reaching political economic and social effects the reformation became the basis for the founding of protestantism one of the three major branches of christianity, languages cprf co uk - and they sung a new song saying thou art worthy to take the book and to open the seals thereof for thou wast slain and hast redeemed us to god by thy blood out of