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burial grounds the scottish association of family - burial grounds a list of more than 3 500 known burial grounds in scotland to filter by keyword county parish or burial ground name click into the box that shows at the top of the column type your search key and hit enter, list of community council areas in scotland wikipedia - this is a list of community council areas established in each of the council areas of scotland as of 2012 3 there are 1 369 community council areas in scotland of which 1 129 82 have active community councils there are also 3 neighbourhood representative structures established in dundee as alternatives to community councils, the pump makers village pumps - the pump makers these are the ones we ve found so far listed in alphabetical order there will be more it s become apparent that some installers simply affixed their nameplate to a pump supplied by one of the larger manufacturers and inevitably some of the names we ve listed are therefore not necessarily the makers of the pump