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macbook mid 2006 low end mac - we ve been waiting quite a while to see what apple would replace the ibook with and the rumored 13 3 widescreen macbook is now a reality the biggest surprise is that apple is replacing both the ibook line and the 12 powerbook with the 13 macbook greatly simplifying their line of, china online wholesalers on burrillandco com - manufacturers directory find quality products from online wholesalers on burrillandco com from china, unibody macbook late 2009 low end mac - the original polycarbonate mac notebook got a design overhaul the first since the original macbook was introduced in may 2006 although it s still white and appears to be made of plastic the lower case uses a unibody design carved from aluminum but covered with a rubbery white material, what do all those error codes mean we love macs - join our mailinglist and be the first to hear all about our updates and special offers, macbook pro turns on but screen stays black my solution - the apple macbook pro would turn on but the screen would not the screen would stay black i could tell the computer was on because when i hit the caps lock key the green light on the key would turn on and off