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amazon com choy lay fut d shane lacey y ishimoto - i bought this video because i m a choy lay fut practioner and i used to train with sifu vince lacey shane s dad i thought it would be cool to see what kind of video they d produced and that having the buk sing forms on dvd would be a useful refresher, wu dao kung fu tai chiwu dao kung fu tai chi - wu dao is the premier chinese martial arts school and training facility in the greater boston area located in cambridge ma the school teaches choy lay fut cai li fu kung fu shaolin kung fu and yang style tai chi tai ji quan to adults and children starting 6 years old, hung gar kung fu bucksam kong eugene h ho - bucksam kong is one of the foremost experts on the hung gar style of kung fu and was inducted into the black belt hall of fame in 1974 he is the chief instructor of the sil lum pai gung fu association as well as the foreign adviser to the hong kong chinese martial arts association and to the hong kong choy li fut association